Story & Vision

Teka Thomas is an attorney living in Washington DC.  The idea for Vrypac came one afternoon in late spring 2014.  He wanted to go running and needed a place to put his wallet, phone and keys. His hydration pack was too cumbersome, he disliked running with a fanny pack, and did not want to go running with personal items in his pocket.

After searching sporting goods and military surplus sites, he came up with his own concept for an ultra-thin backpack. A product to carry essentials, with virtually no impact on the alignment of your body or agility. 

The next idea for a minimalist product, the Peek, came from skiing.  On ski lifts, people like to check phone, but dropping a phone is disastrous.  Having dropped a phone in the water while kayaking, made the idea of a front facing method for accessing a phone, ever more urgent.  

 Our motto is making sleek bags that only hold what you need and stay out of your way on your adventure.